Weekly Update  October 14th, 2019 

7th Grade  Weekly Update 

October 14th, 2019 


Happy Monday! We’re excited to be back after a restful fall break. We will be hitting the ground running, and as always appreciate your support in helping students get back into the routine of creating time and space for homework each night. 

Next Parent University – Oct. 24th 

See flyer for more details – ParentUniversityFlyer for new building and charter finances

HELP – for 8th Grade Graduation

We need your help! Do you attend Christ Church on Edenton St or have a friend who is a parishioner? We are looking for a sponsor for the 8th grade graduation. Christ Church has hosted Exploris graduation for the past 2 years, with a parishioner as a sponsor.  It is church policy for all non-parish related events that the primary contact must be a member of their parish and onsite for the event.  At this time, we do not have a Christ Church sponsor for our 2020 graduation.  Graduation is scheduled for the morning of Friday, June 12, 2020. We would sincerely appreciate your help and sponsorship in this matter. Please contact 8th grade teachers at  teachers-8@exploris.org and Arika Dloughy anriffel@gmail.com , if you can help.



Unlike traditional public schools, public charter schools do not receive any state funds to pay for facilities. The  Exploris School spends over $360,000 a year on facilities fees to cover our rent, land lease, and modular lease. We need the support of contributions from our Exploris families to help cover the facilities costs so that budget resources can be used to support instruction in the classroom. This annual contribution from our families will support the annual operating budget. Our campaign will kick off on November 5th.

Fundraising for our annual operating budget does not go toward the construction of a new building. The Capital Campaign fund has started to raise money to support the development of a new K-8 school.  Capital Campaign funds are reserved in a separate Exploris School Foundation account to be used for future construction.

More info on how and when you can give will be available soon.


Weekend Rat Care

For any students/families who may be interested in taking home our classroom pet rats for the weekend, please use the sign-up below to sign up for a weekend to take them home. More dates after winter break will come later. Thanks so much!



Yearbooks for Sale – Click here to purchase your 2019-2020 yearbook. The price is $35 



Parents and students, can you please download the replay it app to your phones or use the website to submit pictures for yearbook! Thank you! 


Club News 

Cross Country –  Please have your child bring their uniform to Sharon or Adrian.  


The Japan Exchange Program will have its first lesson at NC State this Tuesday; please practice traditional Japanese greetings with your parents and teachers. Make sure you are packed up and in 8N by 3:30 pm. Your parents must pick you up from Exploris by 5pm. 


POSITIVE IMPACT CLUB: Do you want to help change the world? If so, join the POSITIVE IMPACT CLUB! Here are some things we can do during our meetings: clean up trash in Nash Square, make cards for people in the hospital and veterans, or make care bags for the homeless. There are so many different ways to have a positive impact on our community! Meetings will start on Thursday, October 3rd from 3:15-4:15 in 6W. We hope to see you there!


Science Olympiad CLUB Meets after school today in 7N! Come to find out your events and partners and get started practicing for your event. Science Olympiad will meet on Mondays from 3:15 – 4:15pm. Contact Emily or Helene with any questions!


Analytics Club begins this Tuesday from 3:15 to 4:15 pm.  If you haven’t already, bring your check and let the games begin!


Homework & ongoing project work 

Khan Deadlines – Math CC7 for Math CC7:  (**Please write these dates in your calendars**)                

    1. Monday after Fall Break (October 14th) 25% DUE
    2. First Monday in December (December 2nd) 50% DUE
    3. First Monday in February (February 10th ) 75% DUE
    4. Middle of April  (April 20th) 95% DUE


  • MAY 4th 100% DUE


NOTE: these due dates are a minimum requirement. If you are planning to challenge yourself – you will need to complete 7th Grade Khan by mid- January and start on 8th grade Khan.


As of October 14th, students who have not met their Khan deadline will be asked to come in for help hall on Tuesday at 7-7:45 am and Thursday afternoons from 3:15 – 4:15pm, until they are caught up.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday

working lunch 

Thursday Friday 

Service learning 


Lit. circle prep work 


Read 30 mins


Lit. circle prep work


Read 30 mins


Read >30 mins


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